Crackled Frame and Curvy Legs

Welcome Paint Lovers…

Janet @ The Empty Nest submitted her gorgeous crackled frame.

PoP The Empty Nest

She restyle a rummage sale wood frame using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ and Annie Sloan Craqueleur™ which is a varnish (not a paint) crackle.


Donna @ Doozie’s Corner submitted her cream’ified side table.

She transformed this table using CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White, Simply White, Dover White and Pittsburgh Gray!

As always you can click on the photos to get all the juicy details.

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Have a great day with a splash of paint!

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  1. says

    This is wonderful…thanks so much Maryann!! Many thanks for helping to spread the word about the fabulously creative, one and only Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. says

    Such a beautiful frame Janet from “The Empty Nest” painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ (the one, the only original “Chalk Paint™”)….and the Annie Sloan Craqueleur is so authentic looking…A+++

  3. says

    I also would like to thank you Maryann for using the ™ trademark symbols in your post. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ was developed 21 years ago and the term Chalk Paint™ is protected by law. That makes Annie the only one allowed to use that term. I appreciate your attention to this.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

      • says

        Nothing at all Miss Rizzo, I was simply thanking Maryann for something I was grateful to her for. My Mamma taught me to always say “Thank You” when someone does something considerate.
        The Empty Nest

  4. says

    Both, so gorgeous. Donna, I just love my CeCe Caldwell’s Paint. The results are spectacular and NO Odor, NO latex.
    The minerals are clay, porcelain clay and chalk blended into a water based solution.
    Green In the Color of Your Choice. ™

    • says

      Thank you! Love my CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and Wax, especially with my allergies and my husbands asthma…..he can stay in the garage with me when I wax!

  5. Megan Geist says

    I just have to express how much I love CeCe Caldwell’s paints! The colors are so vibrant and wonderful, and to top it off it is safe for my sister to use since she is pregnant!! I love that she and I can paint some furniture for the nursery together and not have to worry about it affecting her or the baby (or me and my allergies). And the cherry on top is that it is made in the USA! woo hoo! great great stuff :)

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