Chalk Paint Tool

Welcome Paint Lovers…

Heather @ Larissa Hill submitted a great paint tip!

She shares how she created a great tool when layering chalk paint colors. She calls it her Color Selector ~ which allows her to use different homemade chalk paint colors developed using Behr paints to help make these decisions easier.  Very cool!

As always you can click on the photos to get all the juicy details.

Don’t forget… you too can submit your paint projects. Just click the “Submit Your Paint Project” in the menu bar and fill out the form.

Have a great day with a splash of paint!

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How to Layer and Grace

Welcome Paint Lovers…

Shelly @ A Little Bit O’Shizzle submitted a great tutorial on how to layer paint.

Power of Paint

She shares her techniques on this antique buffet renovation.


Kimberly @ Serendipity Refined submitted this beautiful cabinet…

Power of Paint

This old garage sale cabinet had been sitting in her basement for 20+ years.  Chalk paint, scrapbook paper and hand painted details gave “Grace” her dignity back and earned her a spot in their master bedroom!

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Paint Tips

Welcome Paint Lovers & Happy Friday!

I’ve got some tips to share today… Nothing like learning some paint tips to make the paint experience easier and/or quicker.  Here’s some that I’ve collected at Pinterest.

PoP Paint-Can-Trick

Wipe off your excess paint without making a drippy mess of your can with a rubber band.  No messy paint around the edges.

Martha’s awesome tip… save your paint stir stick and write the color name, brand and numbers on the stick.

vinyl address numbers on door makeover

Rub some Vaseline on your door frame so you can close your door while it dries (LOVE this blue door).

If you have textured ceilings, use a screwdriver to scrap off some of the texture to make it easier to cut in a smooth edge.

Use a nail to prop up your chairs… makes painting to the bottom of your chair legs much easier… I’ve used this one!

Trim off ragged roller edges

Great brush and roller tips, like trimming your roller’s rough edges.

cleaning brushes in a bucket of vinegar

Revive old brushes by soaking them in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and then clean them with soapy water.







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